Phodal Huang is a developer, creator, and author. He works in ThoughtWorks as a Senior Consultant, and focuses on IoT and frontend. He is the author of Design IoT System and Growth: Thinking in Full Stack in Chinese.

He is an open source enthusiast, and has created a series of projects in GitHub. After daily work, he likes to reinvent some wheels for fun. He was created the micro-frontend framework Mooa for Angular.You can find out more wheels on his GitHub page, https://github.com/phodal.

He loves designing, writing, hacking, traveling, you can also find out more about him on his personal website at https://www.phodal.com.


黄峰达(Phodal Huang)是一个开发者、创作者和作家。他毕业于西安文理学院电子信息工程专业,现作为一个咨询师就职于 ThoughtWorks。长期活跃于开源软件社区 GitHub,目前专注于物联网和前端领域。

他是一个开源狂热者,并创建了一系列的开源项目在 GitHub 上。每天在结束日常的工作后,他喜欢去重新发明一些轮子。

作为一个开源软件作者,著有 Growth、Stepping、Lan、Echoesworks 等软件。其中开源学习应用 Growth,广受读者和用户好评,可在 APP Store 及各大 Android 应用商店下载。

作为一个技术作者,著有《自己动手设计物联网》(电子工业出版社)、《全栈应用开发:精益实践》(电子工业出版社,正在出版)。并在 GitHub 上开源有《Growth: 全栈增长工程师指南》、《GitHub 漫游指南》等七本电子书。 作为技术专家,他为英国 Packt 出版社审阅有物联网书籍《Learning IoT》、《Smart IoT》,前端书籍《Angular 2 Serices》、《Getting started with Angular》等技术书籍。

他热爱编程、写作、设计、旅行、hacking,你可以从他的个人网站:https://www.phodal.com/ 了解到更多的内容。


Phodal Huang

Developer, Consultant, Writer, Designer

ThoughtWorks 高级咨询师

工程师 / 咨询师 / 作家 / 设计学徒



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